Hey, everyone! A few updates on what I’m doing lately, what I’ve done lately, and who I’ve been lately (deep).

Here we go:

Why M.S. and not M.A., you might ask? It's because the program focuses on multi-media journalism, rather than subject-based journalism.

Why M.S. and not M.A., you might ask? It’s because the program focuses on multi-media journalism, rather than subject-based journalism.

A. I graduated from USC last month, with a master’s in journalism. It rained during my graduation, just as Alanis Morissette said it would. But my year at USC was fantastic, and I am very happy to have learned from a bunch of delightfully haggard professionals, how to be a better writer and radio-maker.

B. I was nominated for a national award by the Society of Professional Journalists. I did not win. That’s right. You may not call me a “nationally-award winning” journalist; merely a “region-11 award winning journalist,” which, if you ask me, sounds a lot like an award you give a taxi driver. Into it.

C. I and my team are nominated for an L.A. Press Club award for best talk/public affairs radio show. Together, we produced Annenberg Radio News, a live news and talk show program I hosted out of USC.

D. My first piece with VICE went live last week. It has been called terrifying and moving, or “full of shit,” depending on whether you listen to my colleagues, or that one libertarian commenter who posts about how he hates women a lot.

E. My podcast, “Oh No, Ross and Carrie,” has been nominated for Stitcher’s Academy of Podcasters award for 2015. We are nominated for best spirituality podcast, which I think we can all agree is monumentally exciting, especially considering that our last episode was really heavy on the farts. Winners will be announced at their event on July 31st in Fort Worth.

F. If you’re in Los Angeles this Thursday, you can catch me in the phenomenally talented Judith Shelton’s live show Relationsh!t.  In this show, Jude will interview me and two other comedy guests about our experiences in love, and then take questions from the audience. The questions are usually of the advice kind, and it’s always a blast, as well as a truly thoughtful show. Tickets are $10 at a the door, or you can use this link to pre-order. There’s also a 2-for-1 coupon floating around, if you want to be tenacious and find that.

Photo by Alan Mittelstaedt

Photo by Alan Mittelstaedt

G. In August, I will be teaching a podcasting seminar at USC with my radio producer, Victor Figueroa. More info on that as it becomes available. Our first seminar may be USC staff only, but I will update you here. We will be teaching our students everything they need to know about podcasting, from the technical (“How do I record three people at once?” “What is a microphone?”) to the conceptual (“What should my show be about?” “My cousin is really funny. Is that enough for a premise?”) to the businessy (“How do I get my show onto iTunes?” “How do I become a rich and famous podcaster, like… Oh.”)

H. My dog is still the cutest person on the planet.

That’s it for lettered updates. Sorry for not getting to “I,” but there’s no “I” in “update.”

Keep it real out there.